Doreen Allen : True Author in Tough Times

Doreen Allen has always loved children….

    Bio-Doreen Allen has always loved children. The idea of becoming a teacher has been with her since she could think for herself. The aspiration of becoming a writer came about much later in life, but Doreen managed to avoid it, at least until God placed it heavily in her spirit in 2015.

   By that time, Doreen had gone through many tough times. One of the darkest moments in her life was in 2005 when her daughter, Tiana, passed away. Doreen wanted a way to keep Tiana’s spirit alive and in 2009 the inspiration came, but did not manifest until 2015. Doreen’s love for God, children, and writing all manifested in the tale of Tiana and Briana:

  The Problem with Ms. Perfect. It is the first in her series of books dedicated to the spirit of her daughter, Tiana.

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