Jermaine Matthews known as Pvoxo

Philadelphia born and raised but lived around the globe.

Philadelphia born and raised but lived around the globe. I remember on majority of my birthdays asking fir cameras…. never got any other than the disposables. Still love them tho. Always had the passion and love for photography just pursued other fields because of immediate financial gratification. I also was in the army for just over half a decade. After a couple of years of having highs and lows, successes and failures I decided to pursue what actually makes me happy, “work” I would gladly do even on the worst days. Photography…. fast forward 7 months later (give or take) and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Following my dreams, being true to myself. Shit, honestly this is the most free I’ve ever felt. Just was just a little insight into the man behind the camera… “name an important moment, and I’ll capture it!”
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