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Fleet Management Expert Boaz Bagbag Is Helping To Save Lives

Boaz Bagbag, fleet management expert, set forth a personal mission to help migrants reach the American Dream. 25 years ago Bagbag migrated to the states for better economic opportunies and financial stability for his family. He relied on his craft and trade in automotives and technology. Witnessing the struggle of families within his community, he felt the necessity to alleviate that struggle. Through years of diligence and persistence he opened up his own aoutomative business, offering employment for drivers.  His professional commitment and personal passion to help better the lives of so many hasn’t gone unrecognized. Recently New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat and The United States of House of Representatives awarded Bagbag with a proclamation for his role as community activist.

Recognition was never the goal for Bagbag, continual success and financial security for families was and is. His expertise in fleet management and lengthy experience in technology and automatives led to his role as distributor in North America for a new product installation called Mobileye.  This clever innovation assists drivers to reduce and prevent accidents.  The reputable product is available for government and business agencies as well as for individuals and families. Installing the device is cost efficient and designed to meet the needs of any budget. Because of the skyrocket success of Mobileye in New York Bagbag is looking to expand on the West Coast.  Here’s a brief exert from Bagbag.

“I’ve been fortunate to use this technology myself because it saves lives and gives drivers a real safety advantage letting you know when you’re going to be in an accident and then you can take preventive measures. The technology also acts by teaching safety lessons, giving warnings before a crash, and as a result drivers are learning not to make the same mistakes over and over again.”

For more on Boaz Bagbag and Mobiley visit Boaz Bagbag

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