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Tashema Davis: All things beautiful and meaningful in life…

The realm of just color, line, and form. Art is also composed of higher thought

Having always been a fan of art Tasheema grew up in the housing projects of Gary Indiana and truly enjoyed her childhood. She often finds herself creating works that remind her of her hometown. She received her Masters in art and a license to teach art 2010. She has been teaching various art courses at Marion High School in Marion Indiana since 2011 and  absolutely loves teaching art!

Most of her work focuses on portraits. We can all relate to a faces and that is what draws her to portrait art. She is a painter primarily and loves working with oils and watercolor.

Tashema: ​The ultimate purpose for my art is to be an expression of all things beautiful and meaningful in life. I believe art transcends the typical and doesn’t always dwell in the realm of just color, line, and form. Art is also composed of higher thought, in the divine commission to help others become better, and to spread peace. I pray that I can help everyone who comes across my art to express themselves, become better, and to love more. 

Check Some of Her Works Below:

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