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my artwork comes from a spiritual  aspect…

Born and raised anime/manga artist known as Wiz or Kay, I have been drawing since the age of 5. I’ve always loved anime cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon. I switched to digital art in early 2013 because it became interesting to me and also became a bit of a challenge starting off because, drawing on glass isn’t easy.

I started my own design business called Wizartstudios85 in 2016 soon after, my niche for anime and spirituality came into light in my personal personal work.  I’m not a Christian I’m more of a spiritual person not atheist either I believe in a god  just not the god we’ve been told  so a lot of my artwork comes from a spiritual  aspect.

Later on I decided to open up a shop mainly for my personal artwork which I sell on merchandise or high quality prints. I’m known in the artist world as WizArt85. Most of my inspiration comes mainly from the things that I like or would randomly pops in my head because I’m not a trending artist meaning I don’t like to draw was hot I like to draw what pops in my mind.

Artist that I get a lot of inspiration from are Genva B. Art, loish, Joshua Leonard and The Fresh One’s to name a few, I truly love their art style and work ethnic. 

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Favorite artist: 

Joshua Leonard

Johnny Storm

Genva B. Art


The Fresh One’s.

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