Marques Clements : en·am·or ART

 Marques Clements an artist born and raised in the DC/Metro area.  He spent two years at VCU studying art foundation and Art Education before circumstances and financial hardship lead me back home.
He Soon took on a regular job(non-art related), got married, and started a family. For years, he held his artistry very close to him, never wanting to use it for financial gain or popularity.  Then he met a local tattoo artist, who took me in as an apprentice.  Taking on a new artistic challenge which was initially terrible but sparked a new inspiration.
That new drive lead me back to traditional art and one of my favorite subjects—portraits.  Ever since the first grade, when the art teacher had us trace our silhouettes in profile, he has been enamored with capturing likenesses. Technical accuracy is good, but capturing the character of a person is much greater. That’s what he strives for in every piece.
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