“Mistakes Were Made” Debut Music From Alien Inc

Alien Inc release their debut project titled “Mistakes Were Made,” available on digital platforms.

“Alien Inc is centered around the idea of those who feel they’re from another planet because they don’t feel society as a home. “Mistakes Were Made” is centered around the creative process and is heavy with harmonies and hard bars. For me, it’s a much more melodic, songwriter’s approach to Hip Hop…I think we’ve genuinely created an original project to stir interest.” -Two Feathers

The 11-track project conjures up an array of emotions from hopelessness, self-doubt, and loneliness, but also the strive towards wanting change. Each record conveys how tainted, failed societies impact our minds and souls. Could it possibly be better in a whole other realm? Could aliens replace vengeful humans?

“MiStaKes Intro” sets the tone and theme of the project. Over piano keys you can hear shots fired, women screaming, crimes committed, and families lost. The hair-raising chilling effect prepares listeners for what’s to come. “Got It” serves as a street survival guide for a young boy becoming a man. His reach for a pen and pad can erase his memories and change the narrative of his life. “Again” describes the inability to heal one’s self. How can we heal when our energy is consumed by saving others from the harshness that surrounds us?

“Vagabond Prelude” is a personal conversation during the witching hour when demons begin to lure. The prelude transcends listeners into “Vagabonds MwM” where in lieu of clever storytelling, listeners discover another realm while reality still suffers.

The instruments and dramatic drums are the soul of “In Dreams.” Another hair-raising track wishing to look in the rearview of seeing the smile of a loved one who’s past. It’s in our dreams we hear and see them, pure with no hurt or pain.

“Home Prelude” is another witching hour moment, awakening to see demons fill the darkness unable to find your way “Home.” It becomes a lyrical tale of cat and mouse, not knowing where you belong and feeling empty with no purpose, but music ignites that one spark to reach for the light.

The final three tracks “Red Dot Freestyle”, “Saved”, and “Not The Same” vividly embody a plea to be saved but not sure how, or where to go. The thought-provoking lyrics hammer a ringing theme to get your mind right.

Alien Inc unconventionally conveys a journey through the unknown, through mistakes, and through a timeline of soul-searching experiences. The production embodies a fusion of multi-genre cadences and beats. The pulsating tones stir a frenzy of emotions, while the soft piano keys, jazz, and soulful melodies strike moments of hope. The cosmic soundscapes allow listeners to enter periods of the unknown and bring them back to our world via knocking bass and clapping drums. Stream “Mistakes Were Made” for an out of this world dose of ear milk.

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Written by MJ Savino

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