J. Waiters Releases Steamy Visuals For “Please You”

Dallas R&B sensation J. Waiters releases steamy visuals for his new single “Please You.”

After an exhausting jog, it’s time to hit the shower for a pleasurable and sensual rub-down. Beads of sweat wash away in sync to the soulful, pulsating tones and stimulating vocals from J. Waiters. “Please You” is sure to quake every inch of the body. Watch the video and connect with J. Waiters @jwaitersmusic.

Before His 2020 Grammy Run, Knucklez Drops “K-Block” Video Ft. Snyp Life

Before taking a flight to the 2020 Grammy’s, Philly’s own Knucklez linked with Snyp Life of D-Block for new visuals titled “K-Block.” The single/video is off Knucklez’s recently released album, ‘The Plague.’

The gritty street tale spits on rappers and baby-face gangsta’s from North Philly to Yonkers. The venom spewed embodies concrete truths from flippin’ to make a killin’, that others fail to copycat.  The hard production intensifies the message and sets the stage for what Knucklez brings next…Stay tuned.

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Ananya Birla Ft. Sean Kingston “Day Goes By” Video

Billboard artist Ananya Birla links with hitmaker Sean Kingston for new steamy video, “Day Goes By.”  The duo celebrates one of the first major Pop collaborations between an Indian and Jamaican artist. The record is available on major digital platforms.

Stream Ananya Birla featuring Sean Kingston “Day Goes By” on Spotify 

A heated dancefloor is where you’ll find the duo harmonizing over club striking production mixed with exotic undertones. Both Ananya and Kingston embody the desire to be loved and the vulnerabilities that come along with that. The songstress doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her man and he can’t keep her out of his thoughts.

The passion exuding from Ananya’s eyes and voice along with Kingston’s persuasive vocals set the tone for a sensual vibe, enticing hips to shake and bodies to groove.  Watch “Day Goes By” and connect with Ananya below.

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Faith Walker “Head in the Clouds Remix” Video Ft. Ray Robinson

Celebrated songstress Faith Walker links with Ray Robinson for “Head in the Clouds Remix” official video. The single is off Walker’s “Head in the Clouds” EP, available now on major digital platforms.

The duo entices listeners through a tranquil, hypnotic intro that transcends into Walker’s melodic vocals. Soulful soundscapes and smooth piano keys enhance the hair-raising, heartfelt emotions.

Walker sends an empowering and inspirational message in her video encouraging people to remain strong when the world is weighing on their shoulders and continue to push through adversity.

The video displays chilling images of women and men afflicted with hardships and tragedies, but through the uplifting verses of Walker and Robinson, the images resurface with prided smiles and triumphs. Watch “Head in the Clouds” and connect with Walker and Robinson below.

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Faith Walker “Head in the Clouds” full EP on Spotify

Morsifire Releases Exceptional New Record Titled “Contact”

Alternative Hip Hop artist Morsifire links with Emily Afton for the single “Contact”, off his forthcoming album titled “Metanoia.” 

The San Francisco based artist delivers an intimate, personal record about the loss of his sister. Lyrically, he embodies a somber canvas brewing with raw, toilsome emotions. “Now I’m begging you to haunt this town I’d give up all my oxygen to have you around, search the corner sidewalk for this brick you found, while your bedroom’s never making a sound.” 

Morsifire’s fresh, pain-induced wounds intensify throughout each verse and from the soulful, yet melancholy blends and heightened tones. “One day you were here, now you’re a falling star, someday’s I’m here but it’s a fragment, somedays I can hear you in my darkest hour, spend my life trying to wrap my mind around it.” 

The vocals harmonized by Afton exude an array of heartfelt emotions and hair-raising chills that enhance Morsifire’s suffering. “I feel shame, I feel I carry the whole burden of blame, every time I hear those words or someone utter her name, feel my heart sink, blood boil hot in my veins, if it were there would it be the same?” 

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On October 11th Mosifire’s debut album “Metanoia” will be available on digital platforms.







Rockboy G’z Drop “All About Da Rockboy G’z” Single

Legendary ‘hitmaker’ D/R Period and Rockboy G’z unite to kick off a deviant mob domination in “All About Da Rockboy G’z.”

“All About Da Rockboy G’z is a most def turn the speakers up and bang this s*it type of situation. Puff Daddy called in Lil Kim, The Lox, and B.I.G to blaze up…This time D/R Period called in the Rockboy G’z (Berry Goodz, Big Smooth, Rah iLL , Thunny Brown , Cuzzo Sosay, & FLY TY) to come in buss shots and street sweep the whole party.” -Fly Ty

The G’z, one of Hip Hop’s most notorious collectives, deliver five minutes of mayhem and hard truths. Each member brings forth their A-game for a lyrical blood bath in the streets and in the booth.

This crew of mobster shot-callers are no amateur to the scene, the G’z get around and shut it down. Stream “All About Da Rockboy G’z” and connect with them below.

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Enjoy bonus video featuring Fly Ty of Rockboy G’z below.

Chill Vids Presents Devilz Advocates ‘Let’s Go’ Video

SINN, Angie Maserati, and Dmenace of Devilz Advocates are back this month with another summer hit, ‘Let’s Go’ produced by Chill Beatz.

The trio combine lyricism with harmonious vocals for a turn up, summer anthem. It’s time to put the 9-5 grind to the side and step into the spotlight, bless the party, and celebrate success.

With a catchy hook reminding everyone it’s ‘DA all day’, listeners are sure to get up off the floor and shake what the good lord gave ’em. Watch ‘Let’s Go’ above and connect with Devilz Advocates below.

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Luca Brassy Presents “Retroactive” The EP

The American Dream Luca Brassy announces the release of “Retroactive” the EP hosted by DJ JGreen.

The 12-track EP features an array of diverse musical talents including J Seven, Raphael Bell, Viper, Truth InRhyme, Dreimz, T-Girl Madrops, Serge Requena, Accent Grave, and Don Figga.

Brassy, aka McSprinkle, delivers lyrical telling tales over a kaleidoscope of multi-genre blends and mixes of house, techno, and trap. Heavy bass and thumping pulsations are sure to have listeners fist pumping and bottle popping in clubs worldwide.










“Retroactive” is sponsored by www.starttodate.com, JGreen Money Talkz, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ’s.

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Dear Leslie Drops “Car Crash” Video Powered By TikaDeGallo

Latin artist Dear Leslie releases new, tangled “Car Crash” video powered by TikaDeGallo.

Leslie recaps a complicated love affair that ends in abandonment and empty Jack Daniel bottles, “loving you boy was like a car crash.”  The video depicts fun ‘drunk in love’ memories with her ride or die man. However, the two encounter major bumps along the ride leading to uncertainty.

Over soulful, yet intricate tones Leslie harmonizes through her complex relationship.  Watch “Car Crash” and connect with Dear Leslie on Instagram.


Lucy Brassy Presents “The American Dream” Coming Soon…

Luca Brassy announces the upcoming release of “The American Dream” Volume 1: Letter on the Table.  This International Affair will be released on May 14th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms.

The seasoned artist and NY native, has gone abroad and throughout the states to enlist an elite group of musicians for the mixtape series.  Artists hail from West, Central, and South Africa to North Carolina, California, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Michigan.

“Each volume of the mixtapes will convey a new theme from diverse artists and emcees. I’m excited to announce StartToDate.com, the latest alternative dating site is sponsoring the mixtape series.” -Luca Brassy

For those not familiar with the site, their mission is to create a social atmosphere where anyone can come and be accepted on their journey to find a partner, especially those suffering from lifelong conditions. The developers believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be happy and find love, so stop worrying, start dating, live happy, and be free with StartToDate.com!

The debut mixtape of the series “Letter on the Table” delivers multi-genre records with fused soundscapes of R&B, classic Hip-Hop, Soul, Pop, and Reggae. Each artist was hand selected by Brassy to ensure a lyrical masterpiece.

“It’s the dream of all involved to reach the masses and we are ready to do what it takes to reach what we like to call…”The American Dream”…POW! -Luca Brassy


Watch the Luca Brassy’s American Dream Documentary

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About Luca Brassy

Born & raised in New York, USA, Luca Brassy, has been building a reputation in the Tri-State area as one of the hottest emcees in the region. His journey started in entertainment through professional wrestling at age 13. By 16, he was running his own professional wrestling training center. Luca Brassy discovered his love for writing & music in 2004 and met Jgreen Moneytalkz who has been producing his music ever since. The multifaceted artist and emcee has performed at numerous cities and states including Schenectady, Albany, Glens Falls, Amsterdam, Rochester, Pittsfield, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Buffalo, Newport Rhode Island, Brooklyn, Bronx NY, Manhattan, Staten Island, Ardmore PA, Uniontown Alabama, Birmingham, Atlanta GA, Marshall NC, among others while opening up for Hip-Hop legends including Rakim and Lil Kim. Luca Brassy is now moving in a new direction with his music and putting his old school lyrical mentality to use with his club vibe which has brought him a whole new fan base as well as a different kind of recognition. Luca was recently signed to Sony RED where he released 2 singles “Like That” and “3000” (produced by Younglord) and runs his own podcast every Sunday – called Brassy’s World.

Luca Brassy is proudly promoted in SA by Slight Edge Media & Promotions.