Danielle Black’s Bars, Vocals, & Visuals Dominate Indie Charts In “Finished?”

Sultry singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress Danielle Black releases electrifying, in your face visuals for “Finished?.” With her fierce and intense dominating being, Black addresses ‘Jadas’ (jealous haters) who blame her for their steady downfall. Her deliverance of slick lyrics and strong vocals are just a teaser attesting to her continual wins in the industry. Whether she’s spitting bars or singing, Black is the complete package Rah Rah Rah-ing all the way to the top while the others are Nah Nah Nah-ing on the sidelines.

The video depicts Black’s versatility as an artist, a woman, as well as an unbreakable pillar. Black coupling with a sleek snake throughout the video symbolizes her re-birth with no elbow room to deter her growth. Watch “Finished?” and connect with Danielle Black below.

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London Duo Brandz x Zion “25/8” Mixtape

North London rapper/singer Brandz links with South London singer/songwriter Zion for a new collaborative 7-track mixtape titled “25/8.”

The young, dynamic duo delivers smooth vocals over a perfectly blended arrangement of soulful R&B and modern cadences. Each track, apart from “Top” exudes appreciation, blessings, and even lust for women ready to be covered in diamonds. Unlike other 21-year old’s, this duo is simply looking to spend time with the right woman and transcend into another dimension.

 “Top”, on the other hand, is a motivating track about paper chasing and ladder climbing to success without glamorizing fancy cars, blinged-out jewels, or strip show escapades. Stream “25/8” and connect with Branz and Zion below.

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’25/8′ mixtape debuted at #2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Album Chart and broke the top 50 on the worldwide iTunes Album Chart upon release. Within just five days, the project is surpassing 700,000 organic streams.

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Philly’s Gran Centennial Drops “Big Boss Man”

Philly native Gran Centennial drops a catchy new record titled “Big Boss Man.” 

The skilled rapper delivers both a club and street banger over intense bass and striking drums. He declares his stance as #1 stunner with all eyes on him, and like Gotti he owns the streets. Centennial also reminds naysayers of his big deals, big hits, big shows, big entourage, and of course his ‘big boss man’ moves in the booth. Stream “Big Boss Man’ and connect with Centennial below.

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Book Releases “Self Titled Book” Visuals

Virginia based rapper Book releases visuals for his latest single “Self  Titled Book.”

Over club banging beats and pulsating piano keys, Book delivers gritty lyrics declaring his reign over sideline rappers. He’s already won when they’ve lost, he will when they won’t and, “I weather the storm and walk between the raindrops.”

Book emphasizes on his daily grind and shining success. Watch “Self  Titled Book” and connect with the rapper on Twitter @BookBitch3


Tuff Kong Records has just announced an album deal with Long Island’s well-known and famed artist John Jigg$.  Tuff Kong Records is an Indie Hip Hop Label based out of Rome, Italy with a catalog of music from major artists such as Termanology, Conway, Daniel Son, Benny, and now John Jigg$.
With his latest solo album “Twin Cannons”, Jigg$ induced Boom Bap into a 70’s time machine with a delivery of his famous and hardcore New York style lyrics. A few months after the album release Tuff Kong Records took wind to the mass sweep of success Jigg$ received from radio, media, world-wide arenas, fans, an international following, and recognized homage from legendary artists Eric Sermon, Parish Smith, Granddaddy IU, Mr. Cheeks, and Keith Murray.
Jigg$ is actively working with Tuff Kong Records in-house producers Cuns and Sine-One to create a monumental Hip Hop masterpiece set for release in 2018.  Follow John Jigg$ and Tuff Kong Records for all updates.


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Flame Da Darkchild “Money” Official Video @FlameDarkchild

Rap artist Flame Da Darkchild from Religh, North Carolina releases his official video for the hit single “Money” off his latest EP “Light From The Darkside”. The EP is available on all digital music platforms and is also on CD.
“Money” blazes a catchy and inviting hook that is a sure win for a club banger. Although flashing loot, Flame isn’t rhyming about expensive cars, a night filled of groupies, or immoral behavior Rather, he is rhyming about money as his motivation and his destination both personally and in his career. Every penny and dollar earned through persistence, travail, and authenticity of his musical talent and skills!