TooBusy Ft. Billy Danze (M.O.P.) “Married To The Blues” Single/Video

TooBusy enlists Billy Danze (M.O.P.) for “Married to the Blues” single/video. As of late, Danze has been leading a mission to bridge the generational gap in Hip-Hop, which is evident throughout the track. The respected OG is recognized as the bad mother*cker he is, who paved lanes and gave everything to the game. Now he’s leading future generations of lyrical warriors down his signature, yet evolved lane.

“Married To The Blues” on Apple Music and Spotify 

Soulful, jazzy undertones from the sax weave through knocking bass to heighten the incomparable wordplay spewed from Danze. This is a tough record sure to have ageless Hip-Hop heads stuck on repeat.

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Luca Brassy ‘Retroactive’ on Apple Music and on Spotify

The Ryan Show Celebrates 1 Year of FM Radio

It’s been one year since The Ryan Show FM made its premiere on 98.1 FM The New Urban Heat in Boston. MA.  The podcast made its transition after the massive success of its weekly live variety show held in Queens. Since the transition, The Ryan Show FM is now syndicated on over 70 FM and internet radio stations and networks worldwide.

The Ryan Show FM is famed and celebrated for capturing the elements of live broadcasting with a unique twist that is highly entertaining. The program consists of live performances, stand up comedy, sketches, and live interviews all packed into a captivating two-hour show. Guests of The Ryan Show FM have included the program producer Erick Sermon, “Freeway”, Rick Ross, Young Lyric, and countless other Hip-Hop legends and pioneers.

The fall schedule of The Ryan Show FM can be found at

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Follow the crew on Instagram/ The Ryan Show FM @theryanshowfm, Ryan Verneuille @theryanshow, Mr. Cheeks @darealmistacheeks132 and @mrcheekslostboyz, Hamptons Dave @hamptonsdave, and DJ K Bliss @djkbliss


Michael Bostic “A L.O.V.E. Story” EP

Micheal Bostic releases his latest project titled “A L.O.V.E. Story.” The 5-track EP featuring Die$el-E and Jemyle Jones is available on digital platforms.

Michael Bostic “A L.O.V.E. STORY” on Apple Music

Bostic delivers heart-racing harmonies authentic to classic R&B with a modern twist.  “Love You Just The Way You Are” is a vibrant track declaring his love regardless of what others might think. In his world, no one can tear them apart. Grab your lady/man by the hand and tread to the candlelit dancefloor. “All I Want Is You” is more of a smooth R&B flow with romancing melodies, set to capture hearts across the globe.  Bostic spices it up a bit in the sensual track “Bedroom,” leaving the imagination to run wild for a nightly escapade under the sheets.

In “You Got Me” Bostic displays his vulnerability. When the world does him wrong it’s his love who’s his strength. “Love Until The Sun Goes Down” is a classic love-making track brimming with smooth, jazz tones that entice and arouse the senses. The finale of the EP, “Tell Me” is a plea from Bostic to make things right while he seeks a second chance.

Stream “A L.O.V.E Story” and connect with Bostic on Facebook and Instagram.

Devilz Advocates Collective Release Debut Music “Put Ya Hands Up” & “I Strut”

Devilz Advocates announce the release of their 1st single “Put Ya Hands Up” featuring SINN, Dmenace, and Charlie Brown with production by Chill Beatz. The recently branded collective consists of artists hailing from Jamaica, Michigan, Cincinnati, and Philly.
“Put Ya Hands Up” is an introduction while demanding respect. Listen as members drops lyrical jewels about rivals and competition over and arrangement of club banging and gritty beats. Stream “Put Ya Hands Up” below.

“I Strut” is a track celebrating the beauty of ladies. SINN and DMenace embrace the sexiness and independence of women and lyrically ‘strut’ onto the dance floor. Chill offers soundscapes fit to make every part of the body move and ‘strut’. Steam “I Strut” below and visit for more music by Devilz Advocates and 20-year music vet SINN.

“How We Like It (The Take Off!)” Featuring Dinco D x C “Boogie” Brown @DincoD

New School Inc. presents “How We Like It” (The Take Off!) produced by Mr. Adassa (Tha PartyCrasha), engineered and mixed by Jonathan “Mudnoc” Carter.
Dinco D and C “Boogie” Brown of Leaders of the New School team up for a classic record that revives the sounds and elements of Hip Hop. “How We Like It” brings a mixture of old school beats, bass, with a bantam of techno. Only bona fide and creditable emcees can deliver Empire State lyrics execution style!

“How We Like It” (The Take Off!)
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Hip Hop Duo Releases Exclusive Project “Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars” |@nextwon8141

MJ here with ArtMuzo Live!  Joining me with brand new music and a tell all is Hip Hop Duo producer Nextwon, and MC Trauma known as DS9.
MJ:  Before we jump right in with the release of “Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars” give us some history of how you two linked up with each other to create DS9.
MC Trauma: We met through a mutual friend and did a couple of dope joints. After that Nextwon asked me if I was interested in doing a project I said, and we took it from there.
Nextwon: Trauma and I linked up a few years ago through a mutual associate, and we hit it off right away!  We started collaborating and had been kicking around tracks for the past couple of years. But It wasn’t until about a year ago that DS9 was officially formed.
MJ:  How long was producing and emceeing a hobby before the epiphany hit to pursue it as a career?
Nextwon:  I had started making mixed tapes and beats about 20 years ago as a hobby with my crew Mentillstate.  We would sit and make beats and tracks in my basement.  Then I helped produce my first album Matrameru’s “Sandglass”.  It wasn’t until then that I really started collaborating with other artists and creating music for the public to hear.
MC Trauma: For me it goes way back to 1985. I never been interested in anything else really.
MJ:  I first listened to DS9 when Nextwon reached out to me with the new release of “Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars”.   I was fascinated and mesmerized by both the lyrics and the production and the precision of it all! Tell the listeners all about the new release, from beginning to end!  We want to know the who, what, where, when, why, and how of “Death Planets and Dwarf Stars”.
MC Trauma: It wasn’t just a bang-bang creation. It took a while to finish, but it just came together real crazy like a drawn out blueprint.
Nextwon: We had a handful of tracks finished but really weren’t sure what direction the project was going.  Trauma sent me the lyrics to “100 Eyes” and I knew right then and there that we had something.  Once Trauma finished recording “End of the Day”, we knew the potential was there for this to be a really dope project.
MJ:  How do you think listeners and fans will react to the project?
Nextwon: We really tried to create an album that would appeal to the masses.  You got that old school boom bap vibe paired with a modern twist in the way Trauma delivers his lyrics.  I think heads will feel our energy.
MC Trauma: I think the audience we’re going for will feel it’s different and spacy.  But I think if they like that boom bap backpack, they will definitely dig it!
MJ:  Speaking of fans, many of them tend to get caught up in the glamour and glitz of the music industry.  Reality is there is an enormous amount of pressure, especially between producers and artists.  One can’t outshine the other, the flow and tempo and lyrics need to be in sync, and the business relationship has to be built on trust and respect.  Most importantly the chemistry has to be there!  Talk about that and share some of your challenges and some of the successes as duo.
MC Trauma: I don’t have a reason not to trust Nextwon.  It’s a fair exchange of respect that comes from the give and take.  When I ask for a beat I get it ASAP.  When he sends a beat he gets the song back ASAP.  Our chemistry just works!
Nextwon: Trauma has a way of bringing my beats to life with his clever lyrics and smooth delivery.  Although we have never been able to work in the studio together (since we reside in different parts of the country) our creative visions and ideas have blended together seamlessly. Thanks to social media, I have been able to connect with some of the dopest underground artists around the globe, with Trauma being one of them.
MJ:  For those that might not be familiar with DS9 describe your style.  As a Hip Hop duo what would coin as your contribution to Hip Hop?
Nextwon: I feel like this remains to be seen.   Our musical journey together has just begun and I hope when all is said and done that our unique style has made a mark in the game.
MC Trauma:  We bring that real Hip Hop!  We make Hip Hop great again, like for real!
MJ:  Take us into the studio, a day in the life of Nextwon and MC Trauma!  Give us three words to describe the end result.
Nextwon: Beats. Rhymes. Life.
MC Trauma: Weed.  No distractions. Good vibes.  I usually listen to music right before I record and not Hip Hop.
MJ:  I’m always curious about a few things when I interview artists…Who is in your playlist? What genres of music do you listen to?  If it wasn’t music where would you be today?  Lastly, the name!  For some choosing a group or artist name is like a movie title and there is a story behind it.  What is yours?
MC Trauma: Wu-Tang, RTJ, Jimmy Cliff, Bad Brains, and Hendrix, are a few artists in my playlist.  I listen to the blues, funk, punk, old school r&b, and old school rock.  I got my name after I was battling a rapper.  I remember someone in the audience saying I traumatized the other emcee, Trauma stuck ever since then.
Nextwon:   Right now I have Thundercat and Run the Jewels in heavy rotation.  I Can’t get enough of either.   I’m all over the map, good music is good music.  Whatever grabs me is what I listen to, well except for country.   I’m a family man and still work a 9-5.  But music is my love and my creative outlet.  No matter what I do or where I am in life, music will always be a part of it.   Trauma is responsible for the group name, he pitched it and we ran with it!
 MJ:  Give us an inside peak on what’s coming up for DS9 in 2018.
Nextwon: The Follow up to DP & DS is already in the works. While this album is infused with cuts from what I believe to be some of the dopest DJ’s in the world like RenROK (L.A), Memory Loss (Germany), & SuggieSugindabuilding (N.J.), our next album we hope to have appearances by some of the underground emcees that we know and have worked with individually.  It’s going to be dope!
MC Trauma: More stories, more lyrics, and more Hip Hop is always on the horizon.
MJ:  Before we wrap up, please let the readers, supports, and fans know where they can get their hands on “Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars”.
MC Trauma: I’LL let Nextwon answer that one but s/o collective resonance.
Nextwon: Check us out on bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, google play, amazon and most major platforms.  We are just one click away at
MJ:  Is there anything else you would like the world and “universe” to know about DS9?
Nextwon: Peep the album!  Big thanks to Collective Resonance, be sure to check them out at
MC Trauma: We are the Resistance!
I want to thank you both for taking time out for this interview, and I want to thank you for creating timeless music, Salute!
MC Trauma
“Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars”