Cariah Brinae Tops Charts In “The Space”

Minnesota singer and songwriter Cariah Brinae is topping charts with her hit single “The Space.”

The music business can be a strange game. Imagine what Biggies career would have been if he had held out for Machine Gun Funk being the first single, instead of listening to Puff and dropping Juicy or what if Cam’ron had never heard and then stole the “OH Boy” beat? Does it become part of another Jay Z throwaway or lost tape freestyle? Thank GOD we will never know.


If up and coming super talent and manager Antoine “Twain” Perkins out of the Twin Cities has it his way, he will be writing a similar “what if” story in the near future about his client. “The Space” by Cariah Brinae was released back in the late Summer of 2019 and was a huge local and statewide hit. While promoting the record as well as working on the follow up a chance email to an internet show The Playlist Radio Show out of New Jersey gave “The Space” a second life and as a result the record quickly spread to radio stations, sites and blogs all across the country as if it’s a new record which it is to many not just across the country but across the world.

Still, with the “rebirth” and everything, there is no need to worry this 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and mother is no one-hit-wonder. Follow up single ready and EP in the works. And last thing lockdown or no lockdown expect Ms. Cariah to be live in a state or city near you. You’re welcome.

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LUXST (Lust Undertakes Souls) “Nympho” Video

Dallas singer and songwriter LUXST (Lust Undertakes Souls) releases steamy visuals for “Nympho”.

The young phenom delivers authentic R&B brimming with sensual erotica. His explicit vocals combined with smooth and striking production entices the audience in and is sure to arouse every inch of the mind, body, and soul. Watch “Nympho” and connect with LUXST below.


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Danielle Black’s Bars, Vocals, & Visuals Dominate Indie Charts In “Finished?”

Sultry singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress Danielle Black releases electrifying, in your face visuals for “Finished?.” With her fierce and intense dominating being, Black addresses ‘Jadas’ (jealous haters) who blame her for their steady downfall. Her deliverance of slick lyrics and strong vocals are just a teaser attesting to her continual wins in the industry. Whether she’s spitting bars or singing, Black is the complete package Rah Rah Rah-ing all the way to the top while the others are Nah Nah Nah-ing on the sidelines.

The video depicts Black’s versatility as an artist, a woman, as well as an unbreakable pillar. Black coupling with a sleek snake throughout the video symbolizes her re-birth with no elbow room to deter her growth. Watch “Finished?” and connect with Danielle Black below.

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London Duo Brandz x Zion “25/8” Mixtape

North London rapper/singer Brandz links with South London singer/songwriter Zion for a new collaborative 7-track mixtape titled “25/8.”

The young, dynamic duo delivers smooth vocals over a perfectly blended arrangement of soulful R&B and modern cadences. Each track, apart from “Top” exudes appreciation, blessings, and even lust for women ready to be covered in diamonds. Unlike other 21-year old’s, this duo is simply looking to spend time with the right woman and transcend into another dimension.

 “Top”, on the other hand, is a motivating track about paper chasing and ladder climbing to success without glamorizing fancy cars, blinged-out jewels, or strip show escapades. Stream “25/8” and connect with Branz and Zion below.

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’25/8′ mixtape debuted at #2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Album Chart and broke the top 50 on the worldwide iTunes Album Chart upon release. Within just five days, the project is surpassing 700,000 organic streams.

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Cambry H. Releases Highly Anticipated “Not Typical” Single

Singer/Songwriter Cambry H. has officially released his highly anticipated “Not Typical” single. Using eclectic instrumentation, along with unique vocal stylings, he has created an authentic sound that cannot be duplicated. On his latest single he is quick to remind listeners that he is nothing close to “typical”, basic or average.

As Cambry has worked on perfecting his craft, this release takes his talent to new heights. The uptempo melody mixed with his impeccable vocals creates a unique listening experience for music lovers worldwide. You will hear the songster talking about working hard and having someone who is down without thinking of a reward at the end of the day. Some notable bars from “Not typical” include “you done put a hex on me, you done made a fool out of me, know you going to talk but you still want it now you got a hold on me”.

The rawest element of this release is the harmonious lyrical prowess that leaves you craving more. This young creative has created a masterpiece relatable to anyone who enjoys REAL music. Indiana’s next big star has arrived and has no intention of slowing down! Be sure to tap into the melodic sounds of Cambry H. and stream his latest single “Not Typical” below.

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Razakel Drops Visuals For “Pariah”

Unfiltered and unapologetic singer/songwriter Razakel releases visuals for her single “Pariah.”

The Texas-based artist lays her spades on the table and responds to those who cast her as a reject.  Razakel, eye to eye in the mirror, belts tumultuous vocals about her tormented soul, fraudulent smile, incomplete core, and being worlds away from innocence. She’s no role model, but her raw cutthroat truths are owned.

Watch “Pariah” and connect with Razakel below.

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